Do You Require a Roof Repair or Replacement in CT?

August 16, 2021

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Trying to pinpoint signs for roof repair in CT or roof replacement can be challenging to decipher. There are so many different roof types throughout Connecticut. Slate, asphalt, and metal tend to be the best options here, but you may also see tile wood and rubber just as you would on any home in any state. With so many roof types, it is not always easy to tell when it is damaged. To an untrained eye, your roof probably looks much like it did when you bought your house. However, a roofing contractor can tell almost instantly whether you need to fix your roof. So, how do you know if you need a roof replacement or see signs of roof repair in Connecticut? 

Weather in Connecticut 

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One of the most significant factors affecting roofs in Connecticut is the weather. While the weather is mild most of the year ranging between 26 degrees to 72 degrees Fahrenheit on average, winters in Connecticut can be brutally cold, and snowfall can be 37 inches per year. While it is only unpleasant for about three months out of the year, these three months can wreak havoc on a roof if you haven’t been consistent about getting your roof inspected. As the snow and ice melt, it can tear off your shingles if they are not secure. Also, if cracks are present, they can allow water from melting snow to seep into your home, causing leaks. Worst of all, the heavy snow and ice can cause your roof to collapse if it is already structurally compromised. Since winter weather can be terrible for your roof, it is a good idea to have your roof inspected in the fall to prevent damages and checked again in spring just in case the winter weather cause issues.  

Other Problems That Arise That Are Signs for Roof Repair in CT

Winter weather isn’t the only thing that can cause problems with your roof. Like most roofs in the United States, roofs in Connecticut may have problems with moss, lichen, and algae. These microorganisms will look like random colors of green, white, and black splattered across your roof. Unfortunately, these growths aren’t just an eyesore that can hurt your curb appeal or bring down the value of your home, they can cause serious damage to your roof. 


The algae that may be growing on your roof may look like big, black stains. These black stains are called Gloeocapsa magma. While it may seem like dirt, it is a living organism feeding on your shingles, particularly if you have asphalt shingles installed.    


Another organism that can destroy your roof is moss. It is the green, fuzzy stuff that you may see growing on your roof. Left unchecked, this seemingly harmless plant can spread all over your roof and damage your shingles and sheathing. 


Another addition to the roof destroying party is lichen. This organism is typically a white-colored or slightly blue-tinted, crusty-looking growth on your roof. On a roof with growths forming on them, all of these microorganisms are probably present. However, unlike its moisture-loving counterparts, this organism can thrive in damp areas or dry areas. So, lichen may be present whether your roof has moisture issues or not.

Whether you only see one of these organisms growing or the entire trio on your roof, it is a good idea to have it cleaned right away. If they are left to grow for extended periods, you may have some severe roof damage developing right underneath the surface. These organisms take root in your shingles and start to detach them from the roof or can cause your shingles to warp or curl. This can leave your roof open to air and moisture which can start to cause serious damage to your decking.  

Deciding Between Signs of Roof Repair in CT and Roof Replacement

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Roof repair in Connecticut can cost hundreds of dollars, but roof replacement can cost thousands of dollars. Naturally, as a homeowner, you may want to go with the cheaper option. However, the more affordable option may cost you more in the long run and eventually force you to get a roof replacement, anyway. Roof leaks indicate that you have a roof problem. However, the leak may not always be dire enough to need a roof replacement. For instance, you may have a few missing shingles, and the problem will be solved once you address it. In this instance, roof repair is the best option. Minor issues that affect a small area of the roof may require roof repair in Connecticut.

Sometimes, roof repair may not be the best option. This is because there are so many problems all over the roof that you may have to invest in a new roof. One of the most fundamental problems you have that indicates you need roof replacement is that many of your roof shingles are curling, buckling, or missing. Another problem is that you have depressions in your roof caused by moisture-laden decking. If your roof is sagging, there is no way around getting your roof replaced. Here are a few other things that may indicate you need a roof replacement.

  • Excess buildup of lichen, moss, and algae 
  • Damaged flashing
  • Problems with vents
  • Hail damage
  • Excessive leaks after it rains or snows
  • Lots of cracks
  • Granules missing from asphalt shingles


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Trying to decide on a roof repair or a roof replacement in Connecticut is difficult. Patching up a section of the roof that has been damaged due to moss and algae growth is the best course of action if that’s the only problem. However, if the individual repairs such as replacing several shingles, adding new flashing, installing insulation, and other repairs seem to add up to the cost of replacement, then it’s better to invest in replacing a roof. Then you can rest assured that all the problems are addressed and that your roof will be good for another 20 years or more.  Whether you need a roof repair or roof replacement, The Connecticut Roofers can help you make the best decision. Contact one of our expert roof contractors today for your free inspection and quote.

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