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You've probably seen roofing contractor websites that boast meager rates and fees for roof installation, replacement, and other upgrades. The number you see looks great, right? It's easy to pick up the phone and call these low-ball contractors so you can lock in that dirt-cheap rate.

However, we want you to understand that in many cases, these low numbers are not what you'll end up paying. In fact, you'll probably get stuck with a much higher bill. That's why we offer roof estimates in CT.

Our roofers in CT will give you a comprehensive breakdown of costs that include materials and labor, and that is the price you'll pay when all is said and done. Our estimate may not be as low as some of those sneaky websites quotes that you've seen, but you can be sure that there'll be no financial surprises when you hire us!

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Our No-Strings-Attached Quoting Process for Roof Estimates in Connecticut

We want to be very clear about something-when you hire one of our roofing contractors to perform a FREE roof estimate in CT; you can be sure that the estimate really will be free. So many times, roofing companies will boast free estimates, but what they fail to disclose is that the estimate is only free when you go forth with hiring them for the job.

Now, we aren't rocket scientists by any means, but that just doesn't seem honest or fair. Our roofing company believes in integrity and transparency. If you decide, you don't want to pursue a working relationship with us, that is completely fine. You will NOT receive a surprise bill in the mail for the price of your "free" quote. That isn't how we do business.

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Get a FREE Roof Estimate in CT Today & Pay for Services With Financing Later

The first step is to make an appointment with our roofing contractors and to tell them the services you're looking for. Once that's decided, and we've received all the information that we need, we'll come up with an affordable estimate for you to consider. If you want to move forward, we'll get you on our schedule!

The Connecticut Roofers offer some fantastic finance options for you to choose from. We know it can sometimes be challenging to pay for all the costs upfront, especially if you find yourself in a situation where your roof needs immediate, unforeseen repairs. Get in touch with our team today to further discuss the payment options that we have to offer.

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Complete Satisfaction With Your Roof Estimate in Connecticut 

Your home is your most significant investment, and deciding to replace your roof or make some needed repairs is a big deal. We want you to be comfortable with the estimate that we've provided for you. Do not hesitate to ask us why and how we've come to the price that we have. We'll gladly show you a complete breakdown of how all the associated costs come together. Remember, even if you decide not to hire us, your roof inspection and estimate is still 100% FREE and we won't be bugging you after the fact.


The Connecticut Roofers - CT's Top Choice for Roof Estimates

The Connecticut Roofers has been in business since 2003. That's almost 20 years of rock-solid roofing. You can entirely depend on our estimates to be fair and among the most competitive in the state. We understand that a functioning roof is essential, but our customers have to be able to afford the payments comfortably. No matter what, we always use high-quality tools and materials when repairing, installing, maintaining your CT roof. Your roof should last for many years to come, and it is our job to see that it does. Get in touch with our team today to schedule your FREE estimate.

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Great experience from start to finish. Very knowledgeable and courteous staff. They had by far the best quality and warranty, which is why I went with them. They also offer amazing financing plans which allowed me to complete the entire project at once as I had hoped. Highly recommended.

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The Connecticut Roofers is proud to offer our clients so many tangible services! From roof inspections to comprehensive roof repairs there really isn't anything that we can't do for your commercial and residential roof services with the highest quality materials. We gladly serve the local areas of Hartford, West Hartford, East Hartford, Windsor, New Britain, and Manchester. Call now for your no-obligation estimate!

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